Mercurial Protocol

Mercurial is building new liquidity systems to maximise the utility and yield of stable assets on Solana. As the DeFi ecosystem on Solana grows, there will be many different variants of collateralized, wrapped, and synthetic assets in the space. Our most immediate objective is to provide the best liquidity for all the major stable and pegged assets on Solana, which we started with our Mainnet beta.

Our focus will be on stable coins because they represent a major part of the DeFi demand across synthetic assets creation, swapping, and lending. Robust availability of stablecoin liquidity is crucial to any DeFi ecosystem.

Moving forward, we are focused on building dynamic vaults, which are market making vaults providing low slippage swaps for stables, while also improving LP profits with dynamic fees and flexible capital allocation. You can read about dynamic vaults here.

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